Property management

Property profitability with tranquility

Due to high level of regulations and tenants expectations, property management is a complex task to organize.

That is why we dedicate our know-how to rental management of your property (apartments, offices, warehouses, investment property buildings, residences, houses, etc…)

We relieve you from time-consuming tasks that require tailored skills.

Our rates:

Remuneration of our services consists of a variable rate (4% to 10% excluding VAT) of rental incomes*.
(*) charges excluded

Each property management account being unique, a personal file will be constituted together so as to determine the best rate and meet your expectations.

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Property management has 3 layers

  • 1. Detailed Administration

    • Charges assessment
    • Payments follow-up
    • Indexations management
    • Lease guarantees management
    • Inquiries for legal documents and certificates
    • Insurance contracts negotiation
    • ...
  • 2. Technical Expertise

    • Facilities monitoring
    • Maintenance contracts negotiation
    • Follow-up on effective enforcement of contractual agreements with service providers
    • Meters handover to new tenants
    • ...
  • 3. Smooth Communication

    • Tenants calls management
    • Claims management
    • Implementation of relevant case-specific solutions
    • Reports delivery on a regular basis for your accounts (apartments, investment buildings, houses, etc…)
    • Online consultation of your personal property account 7/7 and 24/24 via our dedicated web application