Property manager specialised in rental property management

New regulations and growing expectations of tenants are driving property management to be a task that is more and more complex to organize.


Keyops, real estate management specialized in rental management for more than 10 years, dedicates its experience to serving you:

  • Property Management

    Keyops relieves your concerns related to property management for various types of properties (apartments, offices, warehouses, investment property buildings, residences, houses, etc…)

  • Site Construction Management

    Keyops dedicates not only its skills to rental management, but also to site construction.

  • New Rental / Sale monitoring

    Is Keyops currently managing your property? If it not yet the case, commit Keyops for a future rental or sale.

The profitability of your property with tranquility is our priority!

Willing to plan your property management ? Contact Keyops today!